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Solve problems.

  • move the needle on employee engagement
  • lower your turnover rates
  • figure out how to solve internal conflict
  • improve collaboration

Improve results.

  • exceed your growth targets
  • enhance the value of your employer brand
  • attract the right talent and improve retention

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“As a company who believes culture is our number one differentiator, the Workplace Genome proved an invaluable asset as we executed a recent acquisition.  Not only did the Genome provide much needed statistical data, but also personalized insights, "a-ha’s", and suggestions  that enhanced our integration efforts significantly. Big thumbs-up!”

Dawn Burke, VP of People, Daxko

“Using the Workplace Genome, CMAA has been able to identify our culture markers and the degree each influences our organization; as well as pinpointed cultural areas we want to evolve to improve our internal and member-focused culture.”

Jeff Morgan, CEO, Club Managers Association of America

“We serve hundreds of companies who care about workforce analytics—and the tool and process WorkXO have developed produces the most effective, actionable data we’ve seen.”

Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO, QuestionPro

Discover the Workplace Genome




Map your Workplace Genome

From a 15-minute proprietary survey completed by your employees, you get comprehensive, nuanced culture analytics that describe your workplace culture as it REALLY IS. You'll be able to segment by detailed demographics, and immediately see refreshingly actionable intelligence.




Unlock Your Culture Priorities

We'll help you connect your culture to your success drivers (your organization's "superpowers") and uncover your Culture Priorities - what you want to preserve and protect, and what you may need to shift and why.



Build Your Culture Playbook

We'll help you turn the Genome data and Culture Priorities insights into action; you'll end up with a real-world Culture Playbook that establishes actionable plans and accountability for activating your culture to achieve your growth and business goals.

Backed by Research

Fact 1

The traditional employee engagement survey process has run its course - it does not produce the level of insights and intelligence that innovative organizations need about their dynamic workforce.

"Today companies spend more than $1 billion on annual engagement surveys, and most [say] they are not getting the value they want."

- Forbes, August 2015 

Fact 2

Meaningful insights on culture - on what it's really like to work there - help you draw the right talent to your business. Now people can figure out whether they'll thrive in your environment. And wouldn't you rather they figure that out before they get there?

“95% of candidates think culture is more important than compensation [when assessing potential employers].”

- Johns Hopkins University, 2016

Fact 3

If your future workforce doesn't believe what you're saying, they're going to stop listening to you. Let your employees help you tell your story in a more open, credible, and authentic way.

"People are far more likely to trust a company based on what its employees have to say than on its recruitment advertising.”

- Harvard Business Review, May, 2015

Fact 4

According to Aon, a 5 point increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth. And yet, global engagement is going DOWN. Why? Because engagement is an outcome, not an underlying cause. How about we stop adding more bandaids and start understanding the underlying forces at work?

“As engagement falls, businesses can expect greater turnover, higher absenteeism, lower customer satisfaction--all factors that will significantly contribute to poor financial performance” 

- Aon Hewitt, March 2017

Fact 5

CEOs know that culture matters to their bottom line and their company's value.  We want to work with those who know they want to do something about it and want a better, faster way to understand and align their culture with what drives their success.

"More than 90 percent of executives said culture is important at their firms, and 78 percent said culture is among the top five things that make their company valuable. But only 15 percent said their own corporate culture is exactly where it needed to be, and 92 percent said they believe improving their firm's corporate culture would improve the value of the company."

- Duke Fuqua School of Business, November 2015

Fact 6

Millennials are already the largest generation in the workforce, and they will hold that spot for decades to come. Are we doing enough to understand how they want to work, and more importantly, how culture plays into that so all generations can work better together?

"73 percent of millennials seek meaningful work at an organization with a mission they support, and a remarkable 90 percent say they want to use their skills for good, suggesting that millennials seek workplaces with a culture of altruism that enable them to give back. Millennials also care about workplace culture, with 77 percent noting it is just as or more important than salary and benefits."

- Virgin Pulse, November 2015

The Culture Chat Podcast: Baby Boomers' Impact on Today's Workplace

In this episode, we talked to Alex Assaley, CEO of AFS 401(k) Retirement Services. Our big question for today's conversation was, "In what ways will Baby Boomers working longer have an impact on today's workplace?"

You Need to Know the How

In our quest for a better culture, we move quickly to rankings and evaluating our culture as good or bad. This is often a waste of time, unless you start with understanding HOW your culture does things in the first place.

Culture Analytics for Consultants and Agencies

We are a workplace culture management firm, and we use culture analytics to help organizations solve their toughest business problems. As a partner, you can bring in our culture analytics and culture management services, in order to both deliver client value and enhance your own services.

The Culture Chat Podcast