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Culture is About How You Work. Engagement is Not.

Charlie Judy

It's time we start facing some truths about the bellwether workforce measure of employee engagement - what it stands for, what it tells us, and what it's doing...or our elusive pursuit of a better workplace. 

Are You Paying Attention?

We preach the benefits of getting and staying intentional about culture. Getting intentional means - among other things - paying attention. We just learned something from a highly-successful marketing and branding firm about what paying attention can really look like. And we were stunned.

Telling the Story of Your Culture

Jamie Notter

Weaving together the complete story of your culture is more important than just having the data.

Uncovering the Secret to Agility

Jamie Notter

Everyone says they want to be agile, but do you truly understand what's holding you back? Unless you do that hard work, you'll be wasting money on all those Who Moved My Cheese books. Some of the aggregate data we're collecting in the Workplace Genome is shining an interesting light on this conversation.

Do you know how aligned your company is with the Millennial Generation?

Maddie Grant

We have partnered with the online survey company QuestionPro to create a quick and powerful survey you can run with your employees that will give you detailed metrics on how aligned you are with the 4 capacities identified in When Millennials Take Over (digital, clear, fluid, and fast). 

Three Tips for Better Performance Reviews

Jamie Notter

We all hate performance reviews, but here are some concrete tips for actually making them more effective.

Unpacking the Workplace Genome: 8 Genetic Markers

Jamie Notter

Curious about how our Workplace Genome assessment tool and discovery process works? This post explores the eight Culture Markers in more detail.


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