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And other musings on humanizing the workplace

#CMAD IS TODAY! Watch the Livestream!

Maddie Grant

Community Manager Appreciation Day is today!  We are proud to sponsor this event and excited to present a full lineup of sessions all viewable through the Twitter stream - follow along here and thank a community manager today.

Stop Talking About Millennials and Start Talking With Them

Jamie Notter

Join me on December 6th at 1pm ET for a webinar panel discussion with three very smart Millennials as we discuss how this generation is viewing the workplace differently, particularly in the context of membership organizations.

Disrupting HR

Maddie Grant

WorkXO was thrilled to sponsor DisruptHR in Chicago last week, an event that attracts forward-thinking HR folks every year.  Here's the Storify archive summary for you in case you missed it.

Oct 2016 #CultureChat: The Role of Transparency in Culture

Jamie Notter

Many would agree that a transparent culture is a good thing in general, but when the rubber meets the road, how transparent are we willing to be--or even should we be. We'll tackle this in this month's #CultureChat on Twitter. Join us 10/27/16 at 1pm ET.

The Surprising Connection between Millennials, Culture, and Growth

Jamie Notter

We're starting to put the pieces together here. Join me for a webinar on this topic on September 21st, which is part of a free virtual conference.

#CultureChat: The Real Link Between Engagement and Culture

Jamie Notter

Join us for #culturechat on Thursday, August 25th at 1pm ET. The topic: engagement and culture. 

July #CultureChat: What Makes a Culture of Customer Service?

Jamie Notter

Join us on Thursday July 28 at 12 CT/1 ET for this month's #culturechat! We'll be talking about what makes a culture of customer service.

May #CultureChat: Maintaining Culture In A Time of Change

Jamie Notter

Join us May 26 at 1pm ET on Twitter for this month's #CultureChat that talks about how your culture should adapt to major organizational change,

April #CultureChat: Aligning Culture with the Millennial Era

Jamie Notter

Monthly #CultureChat on twitter. Here's our topic for April 2016: Aligning culture with the Millennial era.

The Secret to Recruiting the Best Talent: Authentic Employer Branding

Maddie Grant

Join us next week at our first of several free webinars hosted by our partner, QuestionPro. We’re doing a cool series debunking some myths about corporate culture, talent acquisition and other stuff we care about, and we’re excited to have a good discussion.


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