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July 2017 Newsletter

Charlie Judy

Just a monthly update on our doings - stuff we're learning and sharing.

#CultureChat: The Real Link Between Engagement and Culture

Jamie Notter

Join us for #culturechat on Thursday, August 25th at 1pm ET. The topic: engagement and culture. 

Do you know how aligned your company is with the Millennial Generation?

Maddie Grant

We have partnered with the online survey company QuestionPro to create a quick and powerful survey you can run with your employees that will give you detailed metrics on how aligned you are with the 4 capacities identified in When Millennials Take Over (digital, clear, fluid, and fast). 

ICYMI: The Future Of Work Manifesto

Maddie Grant

The future of work starts right here, right now. Our manifesto is about the future of work in a post-Cluetrain world; an emerging ideology of business where people are at the center of a complex eco-system, as opposed to being boxed into a mechanical one.

Workplace Genome Project: Q1 Update

Maddie Grant

Every quarter, we'll post an update for you about what we're up to here at WorkXO. 


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