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Culture Analytics for Consultants and Agencies

Maddie Grant

We are a workplace culture management firm, and we use culture analytics to help organizations solve their toughest business problems. As a partner, you can bring in our culture analytics and culture management services, in order to both deliver client value and enhance your own services.

The Culture Chat Podcast: The Concept of the Unshakable Brand

Maddie Grant

In this episode, we chat with Benjamin Warsinske of Branded World, about the concept of the "unshakable brand" and how culture plays a part in not just being unshakeable, but also flexible and evolving.

The Culture Chat Podcast: The Intentional Connection Between Culture and Employer Brand

Maddie Grant

In this month's Culture Chat Podcast, we talked to Kristy Nittskoff, CEO of Talent Savvy, about how to make an intentional connection between culture and your employer brand.  

Are You Paying Attention?

We preach the benefits of getting and staying intentional about culture. Getting intentional means - among other things - paying attention. We just learned something from a highly-successful marketing and branding firm about what paying attention can really look like. And we were stunned.

How WorkXO Began

Jamie Notter

We're about to hit the 1-year mark, but the story of WorkXO goes back much farther than that.

Do you need a Culture Code?

Maddie Grant

Do you have a great culture, but need a way to describe it? Do you know how to create your own Culture Code? Maybe you’re one of the 15 million people (yeah you read that right) who have flipped through Netflix’s culture deck.

In our culture work, we use our Workplace Genome to 1) provide our clients the most powerful themes that underlie what differentiates them, 2) tie their core values to real behaviors, and 3) identify and name underlying accelerators that they can now prioritize or inhibitors they can fix.  And as a result of this simple and deeply compelling three-step process, they now have, among many other things, a Culture Code artifact that they can then use to keep their culture top of mind with existing staff and to share with new hires and bring them into the fold.

Don't Copy Hubspot's Culture Slide Deck

Jamie Notter

Culture slide decks have become a "thing," but before you hire a marketing firm to develop yours, make sure you know what your culture actually is (and why).

July #CultureChat: What Makes a Culture of Customer Service?

Jamie Notter

Join us on Thursday July 28 at 12 CT/1 ET for this month's #culturechat! We'll be talking about what makes a culture of customer service.

June #CultureChat: Connecting Workplace Cultures with Authentic Brands

Charlie Judy

Join us on June 30 at 1pm ET on Twitter for this month's #CultureChat during which we'll explore how to leverage a deeper understanding of your workplace cultliure in creating authentic brands. 

The Culture Chat Podcast: Getting Intentional About Brand and Culture

Maddie Grant

How should employers get intentional about making sure their brand - consumer, employer, internal, external - authentically reflects their culture?  That's our big question for this episode's conversation with Tim Padgett, CEO of the Chicago-based marketing agency the Pepper Group. 


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