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Telling the Story of Your Culture

January 25, 2017
Jamie Notter

Weaving together the complete story of your culture is more important than just having the data.

#CMAD IS TODAY! Watch the Livestream!

January 23, 2017
Maddie Grant

Community Manager Appreciation Day is today!  We are proud to sponsor this event and excited to present a full lineup of sessions all viewable through the Twitter stream - follow along here and thank a community manager today.

Having the Right Answer Is Not Enough

January 16, 2017
Jamie Notter

Coming up with good answers to our problems is important work, but when we ignore the cultural context, we run the risk of designing beautiful answers that fail to deliver results.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

January 9, 2017
Jamie Notter

We are often blind to how attached we are to the methods that worked for us in the past. Organizations must see themselves more clearly in order to figure out where innovation will drive growth.

The Culture Chat Podcast: On Building a Culture of Accountability

January 8, 2017
Maddie Grant

This episode features a fascinating conversation with Jonathan Raymond, CEO of Refound and author of Good Authority, a book about how to align personal and professional growth.  How do you hold people accountable without acting like a jerk?  How do you create a culture where accountability is welcomed and desired and aligned with doing your best work?

Thank You

December 26, 2016
Jamie Notter

Thanks to everyone who made 2016 such a great launch year for WorkXO!

The Culture Chat Podcast: How Employee Benefits Can Impact Culture

December 22, 2016
Maddie Grant

Today's episode features Jovan Hackley, Director of Marketing and PR for Student Loan Genius, an employee benefits company that believes in benefits as a way to build a relationship with employees--related to culture, that can give organizations the edge, particularly in recruiting the younger generation in the workforce.  

Millennials and Entrepreneurship: Redefining a “Real Job”

December 20, 2016
Guest Post

Millennials are working to achieve their success on their own terms. Even those working in a traditional work environment are moving around until they find what they truly want. The “Digital Nomad” lifestyle, those who have built their careers on being able to work remotely from anywhere, are also making the system work for them. In a study commissioned by EY, they found, "62 percent of millennials have considered starting their own businesses, and 72 percent think startups are “essential for new innovation and jobs.”

An overwhelming number of Millennials see themselves starting their own business and believe they have an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Gift of Dissent

December 19, 2016
Jamie Notter

If everyone thinks the same thing, then someone isn't thinking hard enough.

Set Your 2017 Up Right With This One Thing

December 14, 2016
Maddie Grant

Do you care about workplace culture?  Do you want to align your strategy and business goals with your culture for exponentially better efficiency and results? Do you want to improve employee engagement? Or are you struggling to attract or retain high-performing Millennials as staff?

Do you have a bit of spare budget that you need to spend before the end of the year?  This is literally the most impactful thing you can do with it.  

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