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How Long Will You Wait Before You Give Employees Control?

October 31, 2016
Jamie Notter

I'm losing track of the number of companies that are doing "new" things around giving employees more power and control. I don't think it counts as "new" any more, but is it new to you?

Disrupting HR

October 26, 2016
Maddie Grant

WorkXO was thrilled to sponsor DisruptHR in Chicago last week, an event that attracts forward-thinking HR folks every year.  Here's the Storify archive summary for you in case you missed it.

Oct 2016 #CultureChat: The Role of Transparency in Culture

October 24, 2016
Jamie Notter

Many would agree that a transparent culture is a good thing in general, but when the rubber meets the road, how transparent are we willing to be--or even should we be. We'll tackle this in this month's #CultureChat on Twitter. Join us 10/27/16 at 1pm ET.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Glassdoor and the Rise of Transparency as a Gamechanger in Business

October 23, 2016

In this episode of the Culture Chat, we have the pleasure of welcoming Kirsten Davidson, Head of Employer Brand at Glassdoor to talk all things transparency and employer branding. 

Your Culture Has a Trajectory

October 21, 2016
Jamie Notter

Your culture is constantly evolving. So what are you doing about that?

Maximizing Millennial Engagement

October 12, 2016
Maddie Grant

Millennials are the largest generation in the history of the United States--and half of them aren’t even in the workforce yet. That means the companies that figure out how to effectively engage this generation are going to gain a significant competitive advantage in the years to come, in the form of productivity gains, lower turnover, and more innovation. But this is not about foosball tables and gourmet cafeterias. It’s about a new approach to the workplace that makes more sense to this generation. In this webinar, Millennial and culture experts Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant will explore research from their book, When Millennials Take Over, and identify specific internal capacities that companies must develop to successfully engage Millennials. They’ll also reveal some ways that you can determine just how compatible your company’s culture is with this new generation and how that can unlock potential for growth.


Don't Try to Be Google. Just Deliver What You Promised

October 10, 2016
Jamie Notter

Authenticity is the new cool, people. Get clear on who you need to be as a culture and then make sure you actually deliver that. The talent is attracted to that.

Uncovering the Secret to Agility

October 3, 2016
Jamie Notter

Everyone says they want to be agile, but do you truly understand what's holding you back? Unless you do that hard work, you'll be wasting money on all those Who Moved My Cheese books. Some of the aggregate data we're collecting in the Workplace Genome is shining an interesting light on this conversation.

A Manifesto for Being Amazing at Work

October 1, 2016
Susan Cato

I love manifestos. I love the way they clearly and passionately articulate how things should or could be and provide guidance about how to get there. I was recently inspired by WorkXO's  The Future Of Work Manifesto and Gretchen Rubin's series of manifestos, so I decided to write my own about something I spend a lot of time doing: working.

Building a Business Culture that Works

September 27, 2016
Guest Post

"From my perspective – it comes down to our values as a company and the character with which our team upholds our day-to-day business. The Moery Company is comprised of a small group of solid folks who are dedicated to the success of our firm, our clients and to each other. Collaboration and integrity are among our most important values – and, frankly – as a team – we are “all in.”"

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