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An Organic Pig in Synthetic Lipstick

September 2, 2016
Charlie Judy

If your operating systems - the inner workings of your business, the things that keep the enterprise moving and provide the context for how the work gets done - don't clearly support and complement your cultural aspirations, your culture is at risk. 

4 Ways To Strengthen Your Culture in the Next 12 Months

September 1, 2016
Jamie Notter

Yes, culture change CAN take a long time--but it doesn't have to.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Caroline Miller on Grit

August 31, 2016
Maddie Grant

In this episode, we welcomed Caroline Miller, author of many books including the forthcoming Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose. Her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success provides a fascinating topic for discussion around how Grit connects with workplace culture. Check it out!

It's Not Really About the Millennials

August 25, 2016
Charlie Judy

All this talk about Millennials puts us on one of two sides of the argument: 1) "shut the hell up, I can't take it any more" or 2) "yep, makes sense. let's get on that." It turns out that it doesn't really matter what side you're on, because it's not really about the Millennials anyway. 

Why We've Got It Wrong About Bringing Our True Selves To Work

August 24, 2016
Maddie Grant

Authenticity that stops other people doing their best work - that's not the right kind. We want to be authentic for a purpose - to do better work.  Only then can we figure out how to actually allow for everyone's true selves to be valued.

Getting Past the Trophy Thing

August 23, 2016
Jamie Notter

We obsess over how many trophies Millennials got growing up, and think it has ruined them as a generation, but maybe it's OUR problem, not theirs. 

Spending Time in the Trenches

August 21, 2016

As leaders, it’s easy to see smiling faces in the hallway or get decent results on the latest employee engagement survey and assume all is well.  But how do you know?  What’s the cost of assuming?

The Culture Chat Podcast: Culture as a Living, Breathing Thing

August 19, 2016
Maddie Grant

In this edition, Jamie and Charlie chat with David Neff, co-author of the book IGNITE : Setting your Organization’s Culture on Fire with Innovation.  Our big question was "what does it mean for culture to be a living and breathing thing?"

#CultureChat: The Real Link Between Engagement and Culture

August 19, 2016
Jamie Notter

Join us for #culturechat on Thursday, August 25th at 1pm ET. The topic: engagement and culture. 

Why Generation X Cares About Culture

August 17, 2016
Jamie Notter

Suddenly I'm noticing a lot more people coming to sessions on culture. And they're mostly my age. Hmmmm.

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