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What Does It Mean to Know Your Culture?

June 12, 2016
Jamie Notter

While everybody "knows" their culture, they probably don't know enough to figure out what to DO about it. Enter the Workplace Genome.

Purpose and Passion: Why your “true calling” doesn’t have to be just one thing

June 11, 2016
Susan Cato

For years I thought that in order for my work to really matter it had to be my passion. Or, I had to work for an organization with meaningful philanthropic mission, or simply have work that allowed me to directly make some sort of epic difference in the world. The reality is that most of us just have to work, period. And hopefully we will generally like what we do.

So you want to fix performance management

June 9, 2016
Charlie Judy

The world-of-work has been throwing around fixes for what has almost universally become known as the dreaded (painful) performance management process. Forget those fixes. Forget the technology, forget the tools, forget everything you've always been taught about the whole damn thing. Blow it up. It's the only way. And it's long overdue. 

The Culture Chat Podcast: Getting Intentional About Brand and Culture

June 8, 2016
Maddie Grant

How should employers get intentional about making sure their brand - consumer, employer, internal, external - authentically reflects their culture?  That's our big question for this episode's conversation with Tim Padgett, CEO of the Chicago-based marketing agency the Pepper Group. 

The Link Between Transparency and Authentic Culture

June 5, 2016
Jamie Notter

Even if your culture is not very transparent, you still have to share that with people in order to be authentic.

Talking Culture with WorkXO

June 4, 2016
Maddie Grant

We have been all over the interwebs over the last few days!  Here are a few things of note to share with you.

True Self Saturday: What Really Matters At Work?

May 27, 2016
Susan Cato

Welcome to a new column by Susan Cato, who will be writing for us on a regular basis about authenticity and bringing your true self to work. This topic is something we care a lot about, and yet we haven’t explored what it really means.  We’re excited to dig into it a little bit with Susan’s help.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Preserving Cultures that Work in the Fast-Moving Startup World

May 24, 2016
Maddie Grant

The big question we posed Dick Burke, CEO of VisaNow:  “You’re a startup that has grown rapidly.  As you continue to grow and evolve, what got you here, from a culture standpoint, might not get you there.  What are the risks of changing so quickly? How do you hold on to the best parts of your culture and the things that made you successful, while growing and becoming who you need to be in the future?” Listen in to the latest edition of WorkXO's Culture Chat Podcast.

Three Tips for Better Performance Reviews

May 23, 2016
Jamie Notter

We all hate performance reviews, but here are some concrete tips for actually making them more effective.

May #CultureChat: Maintaining Culture In A Time of Change

May 22, 2016
Jamie Notter

Join us May 26 at 1pm ET on Twitter for this month's #CultureChat that talks about how your culture should adapt to major organizational change,

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