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July #CultureChat: What Makes a Culture of Customer Service?

July 20, 2016
Jamie Notter

Join us on Thursday July 28 at 12 CT/1 ET for this month's #culturechat! We'll be talking about what makes a culture of customer service.

A New Definition of Work

July 18, 2016
Maddie Grant

In this post, I'd like to talk about what we actually mean by "work". Has the definition changed over the years? Is it time for a new definition?

What Does the Metric System Have to Do with This?

July 11, 2016
Jamie Notter

Your culture is either moving toward the future, or it isn't. Are you still clinging to miles and teaspoons?

The Culture Chat Podcast: How Improvisation Techniques Can Build a "Yes, And" Culture

July 8, 2016
Maddie Grant

In this episode of the Culture Chat Podcast, we talked to Erin Diehl, founder of Improve It, a corporate team-building workshop company that helps organizations use improvisation to build better, "yes, and" cultures.

Build a Culture of Association Success

July 6, 2016
Maddie Grant

Do you work for an association?  Just a little reminder that Jamie and I have been busy bees writing a whole yearly series on culture for!  Here's a quick sampler from the last few months.

Who Comes After the Millennials?

July 5, 2016
Jamie Notter

The generation that comes after the Millennials definitely does exist. But do we know enough about them to describe them in any detail?

Great Times 240

July 4, 2016
Charlie Judy

What's all this talk about making America Great again? On this 240th Independence Day, maybe we should reflect - first of all - on what "great" means. And then why don't we take a little stock?! 

Do you know how aligned your company is with the Millennial Generation?

June 30, 2016
Maddie Grant

We have partnered with the online survey company QuestionPro to create a quick and powerful survey you can run with your employees that will give you detailed metrics on how aligned you are with the 4 capacities identified in When Millennials Take Over (digital, clear, fluid, and fast). 

June #CultureChat: Connecting Workplace Cultures with Authentic Brands

June 29, 2016
Charlie Judy

Join us on June 30 at 1pm ET on Twitter for this month's #CultureChat during which we'll explore how to leverage a deeper understanding of your workplace cultliure in creating authentic brands. 

ICYMI: The Future Of Work Manifesto

June 27, 2016
Maddie Grant

The future of work starts right here, right now. Our manifesto is about the future of work in a post-Cluetrain world; an emerging ideology of business where people are at the center of a complex eco-system, as opposed to being boxed into a mechanical one.

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