The Workplace Genome

Your culture should be driving real growth. But it won’t – not until you can see it with a deeper level of precision and clarity, and align it with what drives success.
No tool on the market has been able to give you data on your culture that is truly actionable and connected to growth.
Until now.

The Workplace Genome paints a picture that is nuanced, accurate and actionable.

When Cultural Alignment Improves

What's Included

There are two steps:  (1) Map your Workplace Genome, and then (2) Activate Your Genome to strengthen your culture. 

The first step is accomplished through our Workplace Genome Scan, which involves a survey of your employees, giving you an extensive analysis and map of your workplace culture.

For the second step, you have the option of using our proprietary Workplace Genome Activation Program, a year-long program of support where we will make sure that you turn that impressive data into concrete, targeted action that enables real change inside your organization.


Map your Workplace Genome

It starts with knowing your Workplace Genome — a research-based, industry-tested culture assessment.

Your Workplace Genome includes analysis of:

Culture Markers

Culture Markers

Measure 8 universally important Culture Markers, like Transparency, Innovation, and Agility. Find out where your organization sits along the continuum of traditionalist to futurist.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Understanding your 64 distinct Building Blocks will help you see patterns and even contradictions within your culture.

Demographic Breakdowns

Demographic Breakdowns

Reveal patterns you may have been missing with breakdowns across departments, levels, tenure, gender, race and generations.

Genome Effectiveness

Genome Effectiveness

Included in your report is a measure of your Net Employee Promoter Score--the single most important employee engagement metric out there.

Trajectory Map

Trajectory Map

Detect movement and direction in your culture by plotting all 64 of your culture’s Building Blocks based on their intensity and which direction they are pulling you.

Dynamic Comparisons

Dynamic Comparisons

In the online platform, you can make detailed comparisons of how different groups and sub-groups responded in order to pull out insights.

Understand your culture like you never have before.

Pricing for the stand-alone SCAN starts at $4500 (learn more).

We do NOT measure “good” or “bad.” Rather, we measure “is.”

Most employee engagement surveys fail to yield the results you were looking for, because they stay on the surface. Even culture assessments tend to get distracted trying to determine whether your culture is generically “good” or “bad,” rather than digging deeper to unearth a clear picture of “what is.”


Workplace Genome Activation Program

To help you take the necessary steps to translate your Workplace Genome into meaningful action and a more effective culture, we have developed program to activate your Genome, including tools, resources, templates, and live support from our Culture Advisors to ensure that you take effective action based on your data. The Program is rooted in the principles and practices of Agile Software Design, and we have divided it into two phases: DECODE & UPGRADE.

Key Steps in the Decode Phase

Understand your Workplace Genome

 Create an internal team for project stewardship

Identify organizational success drivers

Identify key themes and principles that will guide your culture

We have designed the entire process for you (although you can always customize it), and we give you access to facilitator guides, meeting agendas, templates, and other resources to help you build momentum. You'll even get live support from culture experts to make sure you turn your data into meaningful action.


Design and Prioritize a Playbook for Change

By the end of the Upgrade phase, you'll have a real-world Culture Playbook that addresses all the areas where you will use your Workplace Genome data to build a culture that drives growth:

Key Categories in the Upgrade Phase

Artifacts & Rituals 

e.g. a unique "culture code" slide deck, shareable with employees and new recruits


e.g. how you run your staff meetings.


e.g. how to make cross-functional teams actually work


e.g. performance reviews that aren't a waste of time


e.g. a more powerful intranet for internal information sharing and communications

You'll finish this process knowing exactly what to do to drive growth.

Pricing for the Workplace Genome Activation Program starts at $1,000/month for 12 months (learn more).


The time to act is NOW—the positive effects will snowball exponentially.
Don’t get caught playing catch-up when it comes to culture—and growth.

Use Cases

Growth-oriented organizations use the Workplace Genome to drive real growth. 

A 1,000-EMPLOYEE UTILITY took the clarity from their Workplace Genome to construct an employer branding campaign that reflects who they really are. They translated their Workplace Genome into direct marketing messages that work.

A LOGISTICS AND TRUCKING BUSINESS is using their Workplace Genome to shape the recruiting strategy for a position that is currently one of the most difficult to fill in the entire U.S.

A SOFTWARE COMPANY is using their Workplace Genome to uncover the complex relationship between the two cultures that will be combined as a part of a merger, so they can identify (and solve) problems before they emerge.

A PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION with more than 140 chapters across the U.S. is using their Workplace Genome as the launch pad for cultural transformation work they are initiating after a long-time CEO stepped down.