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Introduction to Culture Analytics

$75/Month, 12-Month Subscription

Easily administered digital workplace culture survey; quick access (in as few as 10 days) to your cloud-based workplace culture data, reporting, and analytics tools
2 user accounts; introduction to our proven system (with support materials) for activating the workplace culture that will drive your organization's success.  


Advanced Culture Analytics

$500/Month, 12-Month Subscription

WorkXO tailored communications and digital survey administration; quick access to your cloud-based culture analytics - complete with workforce demographics customized to your organization - and our detailed reporting and dynamic analytics tools; up to 10 user accounts; dive deeper into your culture findings through a WorkXO expert-led analysis, preliminary recommendations, and a live leadership team briefing; receive a live orientation to our proven system for activating culture and quarterly check-ins with a WorkXO expert to monitor progress and to plan for further success. 

Customized Culture Management

$1,500/Month, 12-Month Subscription

Customized Culture Analytics + Full-access to our proven Activation Program facilitated by a WorkXO Culture Management Coach who will mobilize your team while working with them to decode your Workplace Genome, identify your culture priorities, create an actionable-plan around them, and to deliver on the promise of aligning your workplace culture with your organization's success drivers. Includes monthly outcome-based plans, progress reviews, and ongoing culture management coaching.