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The Performance Management Soul Crusher

Charlie Judy

It's that time of year again. That thing that we lovingly refer to as "Performance Management" is back for a lot of us. And for many, it amounts to nothing more than a dreaded soul-crushing experience. During the month of January, we're going to explore that experience and why it is the world of work just can't seem to get it right. We'll also leave you with some crowdsourced advice and insights on how to stem the tide. 

Digital Transformation in the Workplace to be Led by HR: Part 1

Kyle Fitzsimmons

HR is evolving to lead the workplace's digital transformation via new technologies, platforms and services. This department is being tasked to literally change how we work. 

In its 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, Deloitte Insights identifies three areas where this HR-led digital transformation is taking place:

The Antidote to Small Talk

Charlie Judy

Thomas Jefferson discovered the antidote to cocktail parties, small talk, and the otherwise meaningless business and professional networking formats we've been subjected to for decades. We experimented with his "novel" approach to see if we could reinfuse the true art of conversation into the world-of-work. It seems to have resonated.

Telling the Story of Your Culture

Jamie Notter

Weaving together the complete story of your culture is more important than just having the data.

How Long Will You Wait Before You Give Employees Control?

Jamie Notter

I'm losing track of the number of companies that are doing "new" things around giving employees more power and control. I don't think it counts as "new" any more, but is it new to you?

Disrupting HR

Maddie Grant

WorkXO was thrilled to sponsor DisruptHR in Chicago last week, an event that attracts forward-thinking HR folks every year.  Here's the Storify archive summary for you in case you missed it.

Going Global Ain't What it Used to be

Charlie Judy

So you mean to tell me that on this planet of 7 billion human beings, you can’t find the right ones for your business?! Well then, I’m not really sure you’re trying.

The Surprising Connection between Millennials, Culture, and Growth

Jamie Notter

We're starting to put the pieces together here. Join me for a webinar on this topic on September 21st, which is part of a free virtual conference.

It's Not Really About the Millennials

Charlie Judy

All this talk about Millennials puts us on one of two sides of the argument: 1) "shut the hell up, I can't take it any more" or 2) "yep, makes sense. let's get on that." It turns out that it doesn't really matter what side you're on, because it's not really about the Millennials anyway. 

The Truth about the Distinction Between "Work" and "Life"

Maddie Grant

In a recent post I talked about a new definition of work as we wrote about it in the Future of Work Manifesto. In that definition, I actually left out this clause from the Manifesto so we could discuss it on its own:

  • The distinction between “work” and “life” is artificial and a barrier to leveraging both the power of the individual and that of the organization.


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