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Renewals Matter in the Culture Management Business

Charlie Judy

We know companies are using our platform to get more intentional around managing workplace culture. But (more importantly) now we know they're also using it...again and STAY intentional about managing culture. 

How to Truly Become a ‘Best Place to Work’

Charlie Judy

We put a few unique organizations on a pedestal and praise them for being a “best place to work.” But for the most part, culture has been a squishy, amorphous concept. It’s time to end that. It’s time to start thinking about culture as something that’s measurable and changeable and unique to your specific organization. 

Measuring and Changing Workplace Culture in Africa

Charlie Judy

WorkXO Africa launched in June with the arrival of Jackie Palmer and Tim Willard as directors. Both have deep business experience in leadership and consultancy roles in South Africa and beyond, and look forward to applying the Workplace Genome®, a cloud-based model to measure workplace culture, to a thriving new market.

Why You Should Pick a Recruiter Who Represents Your Culture

Jamie Robshaw

It's important to work with recruiters you can trust to accurately reflect your organizational values and workplace culture.

The CultureChat Podcast: Flexibility is an Outcome, Not a Program

Workplace flexibility (fka Work-Life-Balance) is not about policies and programs; it's about embedding, ingraining, and infusing the lifestyle of flexibility into our very fabric. Which is, of course, our culture. Listen to an HR leader from the trenches who is doing just that in her organization. 

Do You Need a Culture Council?

Charlie Judy

Culture is an active, evolving entity - an ecosystem, if you must - that should be measured, analyzed, and managed. Managed just like we would any other really important operating system in our business.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Going Beyond Lip Service to Inclusion

Brittany Svoboda

In this episode, we chat with Joe Gerstandt, keynote speaker, thought leader, advisor, consultant and sage in the world of inclusion. Charlie and Joe discuss how poorly misunderstood inclusion and diversity really are in the workplace and Joe clarifies how companies that "get it" are using it as a true competitive advantage. Saying inclusion is important to us (and we all say it) is one thing; but Joe gives us some tips for measuring and monitoring it so that we know it’s having the intended impact. Get this and more from this month’s episode of the Culture Chat Podcast. Listen to (and/or download) to learn more. 

How Backstop Intentionally Manages Its Company Culture to Scale

Charlie Judy

“Culture is everyone’s responsibility, not just leadership and not just the grassroots,”  says Beth Hayden, CHRO of fintech firm Backstop Solutions Group.  

It’s Not a Contest: Why Other Organizations’ Cultures Don’t Matter

Charlie Judy

Keep your eyes on your own paper, because using another company’s culture as a benchmark isn’t going to help you create a strong one at your company.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Bringing Organizational Values to Life

Kyle Fitzsimmons

In this episode, we chat with Sanja Licina, Ph.D., Future of Organizations at Globant, about the challenges organizations face in bringing their values to life. How do companies that are crystal clear on what they value make sure they back it up with authentic context, color and identity? How do they weave that identity into the fabric of culture so that it reinforces and clarifies what's truly valued at every turn? Sanja has built a career around helping organizations create cultures that do that exactly - and she shares her experiences with us. Listen to (and/or download) this episode to learn more.

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