Culture Chat

And other musings on humanizing the workplace

It’s Not a Contest: Why Other Organizations’ Cultures Don’t Matter

Charlie Judy

Keep your eyes on your own paper, because using another company’s culture as a benchmark isn’t going to help you create a strong one at your company.

Culture Eats Innovation for Breakfast Too

Jamie Notter

Forget about culture eating strategy (which is kind of a myth). Let's focus on how your culture might be destroying your efforts to innovate.

Human Cultures Need Systems Too

Jamie Notter

If you want cultures that value things like innovation, collaboration, or agility, I hope you're willing to put the hard work into building the systems and processes to support those ideas.

The Truth-Seeking Mission of Company Culture

Charlie Judy

Measuring and understanding your workplace culture is like a truth-seeking mission. If you do it the right way, it’s not about generating a report card. It’s about uncovering workforce intelligence at the root.


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