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WorkXO Has Been Acquired by Long-Time Partner QuestionPro

Charlie Judy

Today, we can finally share that WorkXO has become a wholly owned subsidiary of QuestionPro.

5 Tips for Enhanced Workforce Tech Adoption

Charlie Judy

Poor technology adoption rates plague the workplace. We pay out the wazoo for tools and technologies that are supposed to make our workforce stronger, faster, and better. And then we don't use them. Here are some adoption tips we've learned from working with our subscribers. 

The Culture Chat: How to Preserve Workplace Culture in Remote Teams

Maddie Grant

Remote teams are a hot topic these days, which will only become more and more important as organizations allow remote working. But how do you preserve your organizational culture when your people are in many locations? Rebecca Achurch of Achurch Consulting and Tim Sarrantonio from Neon One talk to us about their experiences in this latest episode of the Culture Chat podcast. 


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