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And other musings on humanizing the workplace

Thank You

Jamie Notter

Thanks to everyone who made 2016 such a great launch year for WorkXO!

How WorkXO Began

Jamie Notter

We're about to hit the 1-year mark, but the story of WorkXO goes back much farther than that.

Great Times 240

Charlie Judy

What's all this talk about making America Great again? On this 240th Independence Day, maybe we should reflect - first of all - on what "great" means. And then why don't we take a little stock?! 

ICYMI: The Future Of Work Manifesto

Maddie Grant

The future of work starts right here, right now. Our manifesto is about the future of work in a post-Cluetrain world; an emerging ideology of business where people are at the center of a complex eco-system, as opposed to being boxed into a mechanical one.

The Real Lesson Behind the Amazon Culture Story

Jamie Notter

The NYT "expose" on the culture at got a lot of attention, but what are the real lessons here?

Right talent right place

Charlie Judy

How can HR professionals maximize their company presence to attract top talent?

The Brand is Ours, Not Yours

Charlie Judy

I’m not sure we can control an employer brand. We may get to influence it. But we neither own nor control it.

protecting the community of one

Charlie Judy

It's not just about the "unified body"; it's also about the "individual."


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