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The Culture Chat Podcast: Baby Boomers' Impact on Today's Workplace

Maddie Grant

In this episode, we talked to Alex Assaley, CEO of AFS 401(k) Retirement Services. Our big question for today's conversation was, "In what ways will Baby Boomers working longer have an impact on today's workplace?"

How Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials Differ at Work?

Maddie Grant

Tip o' the hat to Manila Recruitment for sending over this infographic, which is remarkably good compared to many we've seen about Millennials.

Did you know? You can use the Workplace Genome to understand how different generations experience your workplace.

Millennials and Entrepreneurship: Redefining a “Real Job”

Guest Post

Millennials are working to achieve their success on their own terms. Even those working in a traditional work environment are moving around until they find what they truly want. The “Digital Nomad” lifestyle, those who have built their careers on being able to work remotely from anywhere, are also making the system work for them. In a study commissioned by EY, they found, "62 percent of millennials have considered starting their own businesses, and 72 percent think startups are “essential for new innovation and jobs.”

An overwhelming number of Millennials see themselves starting their own business and believe they have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Stop Talking About Millennials and Start Talking With Them

Jamie Notter

Join me on December 6th at 1pm ET for a webinar panel discussion with three very smart Millennials as we discuss how this generation is viewing the workplace differently, particularly in the context of membership organizations.

Maximizing Millennial Engagement

Maddie Grant

Millennials are the largest generation in the history of the United States--and half of them aren’t even in the workforce yet. That means the companies that figure out how to effectively engage this generation are going to gain a significant competitive advantage in the years to come, in the form of productivity gains, lower turnover, and more innovation. But this is not about foosball tables and gourmet cafeterias. It’s about a new approach to the workplace that makes more sense to this generation. In this webinar, Millennial and culture experts Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant will explore research from their book, When Millennials Take Over, and identify specific internal capacities that companies must develop to successfully engage Millennials. They’ll also reveal some ways that you can determine just how compatible your company’s culture is with this new generation and how that can unlock potential for growth.


The Culture Chat Podcast: Caroline Miller on Grit

Maddie Grant

In this episode, we welcomed Caroline Miller, author of many books including the forthcoming Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance and Purpose. Her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success provides a fascinating topic for discussion around how Grit connects with workplace culture. Check it out!

It's Not Really About the Millennials

Charlie Judy

All this talk about Millennials puts us on one of two sides of the argument: 1) "shut the hell up, I can't take it any more" or 2) "yep, makes sense. let's get on that." It turns out that it doesn't really matter what side you're on, because it's not really about the Millennials anyway. 

Getting Past the Trophy Thing

Jamie Notter

We obsess over how many trophies Millennials got growing up, and think it has ruined them as a generation, but maybe it's OUR problem, not theirs. 

Why Generation X Cares About Culture

Jamie Notter

Suddenly I'm noticing a lot more people coming to sessions on culture. And they're mostly my age. Hmmmm.

Wake Up: There Are a LOT of Millennials

Jamie Notter

We've known for some time that the Millennials are the largest generation ever, yet we don't seem to be ready for that.

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