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Managed Cultures Lead the Pack

Charlie Judy

The landscape has shifted from looking for that long-term, sustainable competitive advantage to managing more of a portfolio of “transient advantages,” moving from one short-lived advantage to the next. This approach is not only exhausting; it cannot be sustained. What if an intentionally managed workplace culture could become your one true competitive advantage?  We think it can be. 

Workplace Culture: More Than Foosball Tables

Kyle Fitzsimmons

We can already hear the grumbles. “Yeah, but we’re not Zappos and we’re not Netflix.” This is true, and, for the record we are not recommending that you try to become them...because you cannot. You just can’t copy a culture. You have to create it.

Join WorkXO at Next Week's FUND Conference in Chicago

Kyle Fitzsimmons

The FUND Conference aims to increase deal flow activity nationally and provide educational opportunities for early stage investors and entrepreneurs. WorkXO will be exhibiting and we'd love to see you there!

3 Tips for Spotting "Fake" Core Values

Jamie Notter

So you just posted those lovely core values up on the wall in the office. But how do you know if they actually drive internal decision making?

The Problem with Ideal Cultures

Jamie Notter

Most culture assessments measure your current culture and an "ideal" culture in order to create a gap that you can address. Here's why that is a huge mistake.

Culture Analytics for Consultants and Agencies

Maddie Grant

We are a workplace culture management firm, and we use culture analytics to help organizations solve their toughest business problems. As a partner, you can bring in our culture analytics and culture management services, in order to both deliver client value and enhance your own services.

Using Culture Analytics to Solve Business Problems

Jamie Notter

If "culture change" seems to daunting right now, then how about "solving problems."

How a Retreat Helped NBOA Focus on Culture in a New Way

Guest Post

What is it that happens when colleagues leave their everyday workplace and travel to a completely different setting to conduct their work? Find out in this guest post by a WorkXO client, the National Business Officers Association.

The Difference between Our Questions and Their Questions

Jamie Notter

If the data you get doesn't help you connect the dots, then maybe you're asking the wrong questions.

What is Culture Analytics?

Jamie Notter

There are tons of data being generated, but not enough insight, and not enough action. Not the right kind, anyway.

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