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Why You Should Pick a Recruiter Who Represents Your Culture

Jamie Robshaw

It's important to work with recruiters you can trust to accurately reflect your organizational values and workplace culture.

Deloitte Releases Global Human Capital Trends Report for 2017

Kyle Fitzsimmons

Human resources is constantly tasked with responding and reacting to the changing aspects of workforce, talent, the workplace and contributing to their organization's alignment with these shifts. Deloitte surveyed more than 10,000 business and HR leaders from around the world to reveal 10 areas that your organization can focus on to better structure, manage, develop and align your employees.

Global Statistics Shaping Recruitment Trends and its Implications in the Workplace

Guest Post

The omnipresence of internet, technology, and social interconnectedness in this age has given rise to major changes in workforce recruitment and employment.

The Culture Chat Podcast: The Overlooked Connection Between Collegiate Design and Workplace Culture

Maddie Grant

"As companies look to recruit the best and brightest from college campuses, they are overlooking one major factor in the attraction and retention of recent graduates— incorporating campus design elements into work environments to attract young professionals. Global infrastructure and design firm, AECOM, along with contract furniture company, KI, conducted new research on collegiate design as a driver of workplace design, and set out to examine how college students like to work and how companies can apply this style within." 

The Culture Chat Podcast: How Employee Benefits Can Impact Culture

Maddie Grant

Today's episode features Jovan Hackley, Director of Marketing and PR for Student Loan Genius, an employee benefits company that believes in benefits as a way to build a relationship with employees--related to culture, that can give organizations the edge, particularly in recruiting the younger generation in the workforce.  

Don't Try to Be Google. Just Deliver What You Promised

Jamie Notter

Authenticity is the new cool, people. Get clear on who you need to be as a culture and then make sure you actually deliver that. The talent is attracted to that.

Going Global Ain't What it Used to be

Charlie Judy

So you mean to tell me that on this planet of 7 billion human beings, you can’t find the right ones for your business?! Well then, I’m not really sure you’re trying.

Do you know how aligned your company is with the Millennial Generation?

Maddie Grant

We have partnered with the online survey company QuestionPro to create a quick and powerful survey you can run with your employees that will give you detailed metrics on how aligned you are with the 4 capacities identified in When Millennials Take Over (digital, clear, fluid, and fast). 

The Culture Chat Podcast: Preserving Cultures that Work in the Fast-Moving Startup World

Maddie Grant

The big question we posed Dick Burke, CEO of VisaNow:  “You’re a startup that has grown rapidly.  As you continue to grow and evolve, what got you here, from a culture standpoint, might not get you there.  What are the risks of changing so quickly? How do you hold on to the best parts of your culture and the things that made you successful, while growing and becoming who you need to be in the future?” Listen in to the latest edition of WorkXO's Culture Chat Podcast.

How We're Using the Genome

Jamie Notter

Clients are finding all sorts of ways to use the workplace intelligence we're delivering in the Workplace Genome.

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