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#CultureChat: The Real Link Between Engagement and Culture

#CultureChat: The Real Link Between Engagement and Culture

August 19, 2016
Jamie Notter

There are two things about employee engagement, in general, that I think we can all agree on: (1) it’s a good thing, and (2) overall we’re not very good at it. Engaged employees freely give discretionary effort. They go the extra mile. They’re active rather than passive. The rest are either working to the rule, giving the minimum, or (at worst) actually mucking things up intentionally. Obviously we want the engaged ones. But the Gallup numbers (and others) are telling us--year after year--that an alarmingly small number of employees are truly engaged. As in only 30% engaged, and about 20% mucking things up. Not cool. Simultaneously, we’re seeing an increasing interest in organizational culture these days. As I said this week, my recent conference session was standing room only, where only a few years ago there were plenty of seats available.

So is that a coincidence? What, exactly, is the connection between culture and employee engagement? Is there a cause and effect? Does one come first? Or are they parallel tracks?

Join us at this month’s #CultureChat on twitter to explore the topic. Thursday, August 25, at 1pm ET. We’ll be looking at things like:

  • Does engagement create a strong culture or the other way around?
  • How do you translate engagement data into real change inside the organization?
  • Is improving engagement and strengthening culture really the same work?
  • What is at the root of increasing engagement?

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