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Oct 2016 #CultureChat: The Role of Transparency in Culture

Oct 2016 #CultureChat: The Role of Transparency in Culture

October 24, 2016
Jamie Notter

In both Humanize and When Millennials Take Over, we made the case for being more transparent in organizations, though we were obviously not the first people in the business world to call for transparency. The idea has been around for a long time, and a lot of organizations seem to at least give it lip service with “open door policies” and a general commitment to sharing information. There are those that take it very seriously, as well, like the way Whole Foods shares all of its salary and bonus data with EVERYONE internally, or the way Menlo Innovations posts their project management data on the wall so everyone can see how everyone else is doing that week.

But there’s still value in privacy too, right? What is the right balance of privacy/secrecy and transparency? This is one of the questions we’ll explore in this month’s #CultureChat on Twitter. We’re going to dig into what makes a transparent culture, how transparent should it be, and how transparency has an impact on results and the bottom line. Join us on Twitter on Thursday, October 27 at 1pm Eastern and we’ll tackle questions like:

  • Should cultures in general be more transparent in this day and age?
  • What is the real value of having a culture of transparency?
  • What are some of the down sides to transparency and how do we manage them?
  • What does transparency actually look like in a culture? What are the behaviors?
  • How do you determine the “right” amount of transparency?

Missed the chat live? Good news! The Storify summary is here for you below.  This was a particularly great discussion!


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