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Dear United, It's Time To Do Something Different.

Dear United, It's Time To Do Something Different.

April 21, 2017
Maddie Grant

This post is the text of an email a friend of ours sent to Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines. It was so great we asked her if we could share it here. If you are listening, Mr Munoz, we think you should take a look at what we do here at WorkXO. We know that the culture analytics we provide can help - because it's not just about a change effort. It's actually about preserving and protecting some things that matter, and knowing when and how to shift the rest.


Hello Mr. Munoz,

You don't know me, I've only flown United once or twice (and not because I wanted to, mind you). My experiences with United while few and far between have never been the best. In light of the recent news permeating social media, I wanted to bring to your attention a company that can help you create something beautiful out of this challenge for United Airlines. 
I want to recommend this company, WorkXO, based on an email you sent to your valued customers that was shared by an association colleague who flies quite frequently with United and quite honestly, stood up for the company when most of our colleagues disagreed. In your email you state:

     "Our customers' satisfaction must be the center of everything we do and your opinion of our service is the measure of our success. We know we did not measure up, and for that we will redouble our efforts to earn your trust."

If United Airlines is committed to making a change, to making a shift, then it starts with your culture. WorkXO could be the answer you need. I can't describe it any better than the words on their website:

"You're in a time of change. Whether you're looking for more engagement, better retention, exponential growth, higher capacity, or a way to ride the waves of a changing business environment, your culture needs to be helping you succeed, not holding you back."

 You can learn more at:

Mr. Munoz, I hope you will take this time to lead a change in the airline industry to help United Airlines become a leader and front runner. I have a lot of respect for my friend, who is a loyal customer, and supported you throughout all of this over the last week or so. Prior to posting the letter, they wrote the following:

"This email came tonight from United. United has some 82,000 employees and a culture that predates Oscar and permeates the whole company. Time will tell if he and his management team have actually learned and wish to change. It will take longer for it to move throughout the company. I hope that they can learn and that the company gets better and in turn it drives the entire industry to improve.

It may just be words, I hope not as I know many good people that work at United and want to be proud of where they work. Time will tell."

I do hope there is more than a wish for change and that you may find WorkXO as part of the solution. Feel free to reach out to Maddie Grant at for more information. 

Again, you don't know me, but know that I enjoy connecting people and organizations with needs to those who can help them and feel very strongly about making this connection. So strongly, I am willing to reach out to you. 

Thank you,

Adrienne Bryant, CAE
Success Architect


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