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The Human Element to Drive Organic Revenue Growth, Aon Finds

The Human Element to Drive Organic Revenue Growth, Aon Finds

October 5, 2017
Kyle Fitzsimmons

It should come as no surprise the vast majority of executives consider revenue growth to be a top priority, yet the catch is that not many know how to achieve it. Aon suggests organic revenue growth be a primary focus, as outlined in their recent research paper, Driving Organic Revenue Growth: What Role Should the CHRO Play?

Why is CHRO leadership so key to organizational transformation? Aon's data reveals that organic revenue growth is driven primarily by people (duh!) Not technology. Not strategy. Not process.

We know from our reasearch - and the growing database of culture benchmarks we're gathering - that if your organization can establish and maintain (intentionally) a culture that reinforces and clarifies what it is that drives your success, then you will experience growth. Period.

Part of the problem, though, is that we live in contradictory cultures that create obstacles to or invalidate what we say is "important" to the organization. Simply put, either we say something is important but it really isn't, or something is important and it is not being reinforced properly. Uber had a great set of values spelled out in its lobby, but did the culture they created actually support, encourage, and instill accountability around those values? Nope.

There is a connection between culture and organic revenue growth, and the CHRO can play a prominent role in unlocking that connection for the organization.

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