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The Team Leader's Guide to Building a Culture of Quick

The Team Leader's Guide to Building a Culture of Quick

October 20, 2017
Charlie Judy

If you’re focused on modernizing the workplace, you’re already too late. Why stop there anyway? The modern-day workplace will quickly become the old-school workplace. The workplace (and workforce) change as quickly – and as often – as our economy does. Growth waits for no one. Grow or die.

Unfortunately, growth requires that we continually adapt, change and evolve. It requires that we reflect less on what’s current and more on what’s next. We all get that. And we also get that it’s much harder to do than it is to say it. Much harder. Particularly when we’re encumbered by institutional muscle memory, distracted by human emotion and generally terrified by the idea of taking a risk and making a mistake.

Human beings are no less “old dogs” than, well, old dogs. We get set in our ways, particularly when it comes to work. Someone(s) trained us in our ways, and those trainers were trained by trainers who are either six-feet under or whiling their time away on the glorious Florida shores. Our habits die hard, but in many cases, they are really nothing more than that: habits. And some of them are really bad (we’re not blaming you, the responsibility is shared). Some organizations, though, are figuring out how to break the cycle. We’re not talking about cataclysmic change and we’re not talking about blowing it all up and starting over. We’re talking about adjusting our point of view and generally letting the human spirit take the lead.

When we talk about culture, we’re really talking about how we work; and how we work hasn’t really changed all that much in the last 50 years. Some of you will exclaim, “Are you kidding me?!?!? How we work is nothing like how my Grandfather worked.” Sure, the offices look different, the tools we use are different and what it is we work on is different; but when you boil it all down, strip away the veneer, and pull back the curtain, we’re the same old hamsters on the hamster wheel. We’ve done a lot of work on this: we’ve studied it, observed it and experienced it. Trust us. We’re hamsters. Cute hamsters, but hamsters nonetheless. It all amounts to a ton of effort for very little (or no) progress. Round and round. Spinning, spinning, spinning. If you haven’t felt the sensation, you’re either a sole-proprietor or you’re a highly-dictatorial executive who spends their days doling out orders.

What we’re really talking about here is agility…or lack thereof. We very simply need more of it. If you’re a leader who agrees – and doesn’t quite know where to start – we just published an eBook that might help. The first edition of our Culture Code series focuses on just that…Agility. And you can download it for free here…

“The Team-Leaders Guide to Building a Culture of Quick”

Happy reading!

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