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Employee Engagement Surveys: Time to Make a Change

Employee Engagement Surveys: Time to Make a Change

December 4, 2017
Charlie Judy

I was an HR Exec for 20 years. So I know this conundrum all too well. We’ve been conducting employee engagement surveys for decades; we’ve been conditioned to do so. And while the effort is well-intended, it increasingly falls short.

Organizations spend more than $1B a year on employee surveys and yet 40% of HR leaders say they rarely - if ever - do anything meaningful with the results.

So basically, we’re wasting $400M a year on these things (not to mention the time, distraction, opportunity cost, etc.) And to top it all off, Employee Engagement scores have virtually stagnated over the last decade; in fact, they actually decreased globally in 2017. 

Something is wrong here. Lots of things are wrong here. Too many to put in this short update of a newsletter. So we wrote an ePaper - a baby treatise of sorts. If you’ve been even remotely thinking about ditching your employee engagement survey, this will give you some good stuff to think about (and some alternatives to consider).

Feel free to download a complimentary copy today.


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