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The Performance Management Soul Crusher

The Performance Management Soul Crusher

January 9, 2018
Charlie Judy

Happy 2018, everyone! For many, January is a time for renewal. It’s when we set our sights on all that could be; our optimism is fueled and our intentions are strong. For others, January is the time for the “soul-crushing” experience of year-end performance reviews. It’s the time when you’ll have to take an inventory on all that we did over the last 365 days. You’ll have to highlight – with as much embellishment as possible – how you made a difference last year. You’ll have to admonish yourself for what you didn’t do, couldn’t do, should have done better. And if you miss anything, your reviewer will be sure to point it out. And then you’ll sit down and have an awkward conversation – for the first time in a year – around why you “Met Expectations,” rather than “Exceeded Expectations.” This, my friends, is what we call Performance Management.

Make no mistakes about it, this is NOT performance management as it should be.

In January, we hope to focus our conversation around this extremely important operating system in the world-of-work. Leading edge organizations have made huge-strides in turning the traditional paradigms of performance management on its ear; from making it a more regular and natural extension of what we do every day, to dispensing entirely with any semblance of year-end-reviews and the performance rating/calibration process that comes with them. I hope you’re lucky enough to be with one of those organizations. Alas, many of you are not.

We hope you’ll join in this conversation. Here’s what you can expect…

  • The next installment in our #CultureChat Podcast series which includes a 30-minute conversation with thought-leader, keynote speaker, future-of-work pundit, writer, and HR Executive, Jason Lauritsen. We talk all about Performance Management, and he has some great insights to share. NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD:  
  • An e-Paper on “Combatting the Performance Management Soul-Crusher.” The paper will be comprised of succinct, actionable, and sometimes pity insights, recommendations, and pleas for making Performance Management even just a little bit more effective…and rewarding. And those insights will be almost entirely crowdsourced. If you’re interested in contributing to the paper, click here, and give us your own insights (anonymously if you’d like): GIVE US YOUR INPUT
  • Some free thought-leadership and performance management content from trusted contributors in the peformance management space.
  • A couple of additional blog posts from WorkXO and guests along the way…

So Stay Tuned!

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