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Meet Scott Clements, WorkXO’s New European Managing Director

Meet Scott Clements, WorkXO’s New European Managing Director

April 20, 2018

Meet Scott.

Scott Clements is my new officemate. His desk is not quite next to mine — he’s all the way across the world in London. But even though we don’t sit together, his perspective has infused my days with renewed energy and excitement about how we can transform work, together.

To understand Scott’s perspective and why he’s drawn to the WorkXO mission, you have to know his story.

Roots in Technology, and Then a Crisis

Scott worked for most of his career in technology sales. He spent 15 years at Canon, selling office technology and document management software, then moved on to other software sales teams. Eventually he started his own business selling document management software. Business was good.

But one day five years ago Scott got a diagnosis that changed everything. He discovered he had cancer. “It stops you in your tracks,” he says. “All of a sudden you’re wondering ‘will I make it to Christmas?’ ”

He went through treatment and, thankfully, made it into remission. But when he started trying to get back into his business, he realized immediately that he needed to make a change. “I didn’t enjoy what I did. I didn’t see the point — I was selling a product that people wouldn’t use, or wouldn’t use properly. It was quite soul-destroying.”

He was looking for a new career path, and he landed in the learning and training industry. As he started to coach others, he applied what he’d learned to himself. “I reignited my love of learning. I got addicted to it,” he says.

He loved his new work, but he saw big opportunities to improve his employer’s company culture.

Motivation to Make Work Better

He started reading everything he could find about improving organizations and company culture. When he started to learn about the technology in the space, he quickly connected with our team at WorkXO.

Now he’s joining our mission to make work better. He’s dedicated to fixing some of the problems he saw during his corporate career.

Scott’s years in sales gave him an up-close view at how teams work, and he saw a pattern: A high-performer would beat their sales goals quarter after quarter, and earn a promotion into management. But they were often not suited for a job as manager, as they were missing a major key to unlocking the talents of others, and that is empathy. The team’s morale suffered, and so did the sales numbers. “That phenomenon isn’t restricted to sales,” he says. “We have to build organizations that nurture people as human beings, not just cogs in the machine or workers in a hierarchy.

“We’ve got companies operating in an old paradigm, trying to squeeze as much as possible out of people, but it’s creating huge friction, and the machine is going to break.”

In the U.K. alone, Scott sees clear work ahead for company leaders. “We’re living in an information age. We have all this data, but the skill is to get the insight from the data and turn it into something actionable. If you can draw out the insight from data about people, you can head off disaster. The U.K. is a market that’s ready for a conversation about improving culture.”

Welcome, Scott! I couldn’t be happier to have you on the team.


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