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WorkXO Has Been Acquired by Long-Time Partner QuestionPro

WorkXO Has Been Acquired by Long-Time Partner QuestionPro

June 6, 2018
Charlie Judy

I’m excited to announce some of the biggest news of my career.

Today, we can finally share that WorkXO has become a wholly owned subsidiary of QuestionPro

QuestionPro provides survey technology, market research and customer experience (CX) solutions to more than 2.5 million users. Workforce, its suite of workforce analytics solutions, includes a 360 degree feedback tool, pulse surveys, and other tools to measure organizational health. 

What does this mean for WorkXO customers? And for culture management in general? I’ll answer all your questions in this post.

Why QuestionPro? Why Now?

I founded WorkXO in 2015 to help organizations get serious about managing their workplace cultures.  Since the company’s very beginning, we’ve used QuestionPro survey technology to power our culture measurement and analytics platform. We’ve been impressed by QuestionPro and their vision for survey-based business intelligence since day one. I’m excited to further our partnership with an organization that’s committed to developing data-rich workforce solutions that drive action and results.

Our collective mission has become: “Enabling organizations to manage workforce experience (WX, aka EX) and the culture that drives it just as we do any other really important operating system in our business.”

What Does This Mean for WorkXO Customers?

Our customers rely on WorkXO and our culture management platform, Workplace Genome®, to measure, analyze and activate (intentionally manage)  their cultures.

Our current customers will get everything they love about the existing WorkXO product, plus access to the power of the QuestionPro Workforce product line. I’ll be serving as president of the growing Workforce business, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to develop a more robust and comprehensive suite of culture-fueled people analytics tools. 

This collaboration will give us the ability to create enhanced functionality, invest in a more dynamic product and go even deeper in developing our powerful algorithms. We strongly believe this partnership will bring tremendous value to our customers..

What’s Next for Culture Management?

We asked QuestionPro CEO and founder Vivek Bhaskaran his predictions about the next generation of people analytics. “We feel strongly that culture should and will be at the heart of the next wave of workforce technology,” he says. “The WorkXO team has developed and perfected a people-science around culture that is revolutionary. This, coupled with our scale of information capture from employees makes us the only global culture-analytics platform in the market today. I'm excited and honored to work with Charlie and his team to scale WorkXO to the broader market.” 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the WorkXO team on our journey. Cheers to the next stage!


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