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Creating Healthy Cultures at Professional Service Companies

Creating Healthy Cultures at Professional Service Companies

June 27, 2018
Charlie Judy

If knowledge workers are so important to an economy that’s increasingly driven by information, why do we treat them like a commodity?

These are people with highly specialized training: lawyers, information technology experts, engineers, financial advisers, etc. Their success is dependent upon educating themselves to obtain knowledge in specific areas — a process that continues throughout their career.

And yet all too many professional services companies employ a one-size-fits-all approach to their culture. Instead, they need to foster an environment that’s healthy and inviting for knowledge workers who are constantly growing and learning.

In our new guide, we look at ways to properly manage your culture so it properly represents the organization and its mission. We spoke to a variety of experts and learned the latest trends in envisioning, implementing and maintaining a healthy culture at professional service companies.

The paper is organized around the Workplace Genome, our culture-assessment and activation program, with eight building blocks for building health cultures.

  • Growth: Promote a Culture of Skills
  • Agility: Stay Nimble Through Empowerment
  • Innovation: Let Employees Experiment
  • Inclusion: Give People a Sense of Ownership
  • Technologies: Provide the Tools Needed
  • Transparency: Let the Information Flow
  • Collaboration: Build a Culture Without Borders
  • Solutions: Customize Your Approach

Identify the distinct drivers for your organization’s success, and ensure that everything about your culture reinforces them.

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