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Why You Should Pick a Recruiter Who Represents Your Culture

Why You Should Pick a Recruiter Who Represents Your Culture

June 26, 2018
Jamie Robshaw

The process of finding the best people to drive your business forward is rarely straightforward. In addition to sourcing someone with the right skill set and portfolio of industry experience, it’s critical to consider your corporate culture and whether an individual will gel with the rest of the team.

But how can you tell? It’s impossible to capture culture in bullet points on a job description. 

Bringing in an expert recruiter is a smart choice for business leaders looking to save time. But it’s essential to use a recruiter you can trust to accurately reflect your organizational values and workplace culture. 

Recognizing the Face of Your Business 

Companies work with people they like and people who represent their view of the world. The recruiter you choose should be no different: After all, when you work with a recruiter, they become the face of your company. Whatever impression they give off is the first one that candidates will have of the company.

If your recruiter doesn’t represent the the pillars of your employer brand, the candidates he or she sources are unlikely to fit with your firm. On the other hand, a recruiter who acts as an extension of your culture will give candidates a clear picture of what they can expect when they arrive at your door. 

This is important because new employees are still assessing whether their new workplace meets their expectations and matches up with what was sold to them during the hiring process. And if it doesn’t, they may leave. 

Creating a Shortlist That’s Worth It

On paper, a person can seem perfect for a job. Their competencies can tick all the right boxes, their experience may seem more than sufficient and a quick check of their digital footprint might paint a similarly positive picture.

However, without a specialist recruiter, a shortlist for face-to-face interviews can quickly grow from two to 20. Before long, you find yourself sitting through interviews trying to remind yourself what made any of them attractive in the first place.

Hiring an expert recruiter who reflects your culture will save you time by matching you only to candidates who mesh with the overarching attitude of your company.

Controlling Costs Generated by Bad Hires

When a recruiter fails to focus on culture and behavioral traits, the caliber of candidates selected might be high, but the chances of long-term retention can often take a hit.

The true cost of replacing leavers is roughly 3.5 times their annual salary — an expense that every business could certainly do without. By screening applicants for traits that align with the company culture, recruiters help employers to reduce the costs of a bad hire. 

Of course, hiring with a company’s culture in mind does not equate to recruiting for a single personality type. Great recruiters build close relationships with their clients to determine which behaviors or personalities would be welcome additions to particular companies — and which would cause a clash. 

Do You Know Where to Look?

Your recruiter doesn’t sit in your office or drink your coffee, but you’ll want to make sure the fit with your company is as good as with a candidate you were going to work with you all day. 

There are some awesome recruiters out there, but finding a great expert recruiter to represent you and your business can be a challenge itself.   

Apply the basics of selection and research that you would to any other service you engage for your business: Check online ratings and reviews, change up the recruiters that you work with and make sure the recruiter you choose has worked with similar companies as yours — and has placed similar candidates within the same industry as yours.

Jamie Robshaw is co-founder of the recently launched platform Recruiterly, which takes a collaborative approach to connecting employers with expert recruiters. Jamie is a recruitment veteran with over a decade of experience running recruitment businesses in the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and China.


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