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Renewals Matter in the Culture Management Business

Renewals Matter in the Culture Management Business

November 7, 2018
Charlie Judy

When we set out to create the WorkXO Culture Management platform we made a few explicit commitments to one another. These became non-negotiable for us. There are a lot of culture assessment tools out there. Most of them, frankly, are employee engagement, satisfaction, and sentiment surveys disguised as culture assessments. Many are really good looking - nice buttons, bells, and whistles...flashy. That's fine. There's a place for that stuff. But after spending 23 years in the HR trenches watching organizations throw a lot of money at these bells and whistles, it was really important to me and WorkXO that we did something to help organizations do something more. There are a million tools under our Sun that help us get data on our workforces and our workplaces. But there are few that actually spark an energy, commitment, and accountability around doing something meaningful with that data; something beyond measuring a score and hoping it will go up each year. So one of those non-negotiables for us became:

The WorkXO Culture Platform must help organizations get and STAY intentional about managing their workplace cultures.

The "get" part is always easier. We all have the best of intentions. We all want to drive real and permanent change in the workplace. And we all get started with the zeal any important initiative demands. But then we get distracted; we get pulled in different directions. Multiple commitments and competing priorities simply become too much. Yes, it's the "STAY" part that becomes much more challenging. In working with organizations across the globe, we've learned that staying intentional about managing culture takes stuff like:

  • Stewardship - the debate over who owns culture is over; we ALL own culture. Don’t go it alone. If you can create shared responsibility for doing the ongoing work around culture alignment you’ll not only heighten the odds of sustained momentum, but you’ll also increase employee connection, inclusion, and engagement.

  • Methodology - don’t wing it. Pick a process that works for you - one that your culture team (your culture stewards) can understand and follow; one that heightens visibility to this work and instills accountability around results.

  • Patience - it takes time. You have to start somewhere, but you can’t give up too early. Real and permanent culture change doesn’t happen overnight. But if you keep at it, it eventually takes root. And we’re seeing it happen again and again.

How do we know our culture management platform is helping organizations stay intentional about managing their cultures? Renewals. When our clients choose to do it all over again - to conduct another culture survey, to analyze the results, to prioritize and create an action plan, and then to keep their internal culture teams engaged in the important work that ensues - they are still very much in the game. They have elected to make this part of what they do and who they are. And maybe most importantly, they’ve kept their commitment to putting culture at the center of their success.  

We are so very proud to share that when it comes to renewals, we’re batting 1.000. As of the end of Q3 2018, every client that has had a subscription up for renewal in 2018 has renewed...100%! And a few have even upped their subscription through 2020. That’s a serious commitment to culture. That’s intention. As Julie Benedict, Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Security First Bank, puts it:

“Our tagline at Security First Bank is “A Relationship You Can Count On.” When we utilize specialized service providers, that’s why we look for a team that can become a valued business partner and offer a relationship WE can count on. We have found the WorkXO Culture Management Platform to be an excellent tool for improving and maintaining our focus on culture as part of our strategic process; and the facilitation, guidance, open communication and ongoing support we receive from the WXO team (aka QuestionPro Workforce) is a huge part of that. The level of service they bring and the strong relationship we’ve built led to our renewed commitment to using WorkXO’s platform for intentional culture management.”

There is of course very little, if anything, that is more rewarding than getting this kind of feedback from our clients (thanks Julie...and others!) Not necessarily because of the accolades, though they are awesome. What really matters is that we now know we’ve successfully put that stake in the ground around intentional culture management. We know organizations are increasingly making culture management a serious part of who they are. And we’re thrilled they're using our platform...again and do so.

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