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True Self Saturday: What Really Matters At Work?

True Self Saturday: What Really Matters At Work?

May 28, 2016
Susan Cato

Welcome to a new column by Susan Cato, who will be writing for us on a regular basis about authenticity and bringing your true self to work. This topic is something we care a lot about, and yet we haven’t explored what it really means.  We’re excited to dig into it a little bit with Susan’s help.


(Because sometimes we need reminding.)

Working with great people.

Coming up with great ideas.

Working together on projects.

Accomplishing big and small tasks, together.

Solving problems. Learning new things.

Helping others.

Figuring sh*t out.

Inspiring each other.

Navigating obstacles.

Contributing to a purpose outside of yourself.

Making someone else's day brighter.

Together, being better that we were yesterday.

I think that sums it up. Happy Saturday!


Susan Cato is a recognized expert on digital strategy, producing award-winning websites, web applications, online publications and community platforms. Her superpower is the combination of a deep understanding of digital processes and structures alongside a keen sense of the power of innovation and thinking outside the box. 


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