Workplace Genome®

If you're having trouble uncovering data about your workplace and your workforce that you can actually do something with, you're not alone. 40% of HR professionals say they rarely - if ever - do anything meaningful with the results of their employee surveys. Don't be like them... 

Use our cloud-based Culture Management Platform - a groundbreaking model to measure workplace culture, a powerful set of tools to analyze it, and a proven system to turn your culture into a differentiator. 

Get and stay intentional about aligning your culture
with what drives your organization's success. Now! 

When Cultural Alignment Improves

What's Included

There are two steps:  (1) Measure Your Culture Analytics, and then (2) Take Action on the Results. 

The first step is accomplished through our Workplace Genome, which involves a survey of your employees, giving you an extensive analysis and map of your workplace culture.

For the second step, you have the option of using our proprietary Workplace Genome Activation Program, a support program to help you turn that impressive data into concrete, targeted action that preserves and protects the things that matter, and enables real change where needed.

Measure and Analyze
Your Culture

Uncover striking workplace analytics with our cloud-based culture survey and reporting platform. 

Measure Culture Progress

Measure Culture Progress

We don't measure 'good' and we don't measure 'bad.' We measure 'is.' And it all starts by assessing how your culture is evolving from the traditional workplace to the future workplace. 

Go Beyond the Numbers

Go Beyond the Numbers

Numbers without context are meaningless. That's why every data point we uncover also comes with a distinct storyline around how you really work - the actions, behaviors, and tangible stuff your employees experience. 

Get to Know Your Subcultures

Get to Know Your Subcultures

Dig deeper. Reveal patterns, contradictions, connections, and correlations you may have been missing within your unique departments, levels, tenure, gender, race and generations.

Identify Gaps & Priorities

Identify Gaps & Priorities

You need results. So you need to focus on what's driving your organization's success and what might be getting in the way of more of it. Our Trajectory Map helps you preference and give attention to the things about your culture that actually matter. 

Slice & Dice in Real-Time

Slice & Dice in Real-Time

Most survey companies take months to produce your data and reports. We can do it in 24 hours. And you get the technology and tools to analyze, investigate, and to compare all the data real-time. 

Discover your Culture Promoters

Discover your Culture Promoters

Have Employee Engagement Surveys run their course? Organizations are increaslingly going to the Employee Net Promoter Score as a measure of sentiment, connection, and affiliation. And that's what we give you. 

We do NOT measure “good” or “bad.” Rather, we measure “is.”

Most employee engagement surveys fail to yield the results you were looking for, because they stay on the surface. Even culture assessments tend to get distracted trying to determine whether your culture is generically “good” or “bad,” rather than digging deeper to unearth a clear picture of “what is.”


Our proven methodology, tools, and resources guide your team toward action - taking them through our process for developing a Culture Activation Plan with clear deliverables, outcomes, accountability...and results!

Form your internal Culture Team to drive (and own) the process.

Start with your distinct culture priorities identified by the platform.

Dive deeper and identify your "backlog" of culture enhancements. 

Create your plan, manage it, and deliver results with it.

Now that you have powerful business intelligence around what your culture really is, you can start building the culture you really need. Our proven methodology is rooted deeply in an Agile approach to identifying a backlog of culture enhancements, prioritizing them based on impact, and then implementing them in a series of short sprints.

Your team will plan, execute, review, and adjust while our platform - with it's project management tools - will guide them to accountability and results.... 

And you'll deliver on the promise of a culture that drives your organization's success.