The Workplace Genome

There is an interesting dichotomy with human beings: Every single one of the 7+ billion on planet Earth has a unique genetic code, yet that code is made up of an identifiable combination of genes and chromosomes that we all share.

The same is true for organizations.

What Is the Workplace Genome?

The Workplace Genome is a model for understanding organizations at their very essence. It is based on extensive research and 70+ years of combined expertise in human resources management, culture change, and organization development that the founders of WorkXO bring to the table. We figured out that in order to understand what it's REALLY like to work somewhere, you have to understand the employee experience along 8 key dynamics. Within each dynamic, you can place yourself along a continuum from "traditionalist" to "futurist." And just to clarify, there is no right or wrong here--the Genome measures what it's like to work there, because until you understand that in a deeply authentic way, you won't actually be able to figure out what is good or bad about your culture. It all starts by understanding your code:

In addition to the 8 core dynamics, the Genome measures specific internal capacities that are relevant to the Millennial generation in today's workplace. Because of the size of this generation and the way their approach aligns with important changes happening in the leadership and management fields, we have incorporated Millennial alignment metrics into the Genome.

How Does It Work?

There are two ways to generate your distinct Workplace Genome

1. Survey

The most comprehensive method involves all your employees completing a 15-minute survey. There are 70 questions that generate powerful and nuanced data about your workplace and your culture. Questions like:

  • We are comfortable with taking risks and are not afraid to make mistakes at work
  • We are excellent at eliminating activity that doesn't move us toward our goal
  • People around me are willing to help me if I ask for it

This is NOT an employee engagement survey, and this is NOT an assessment of how good your culture is. We believe strongly that we collectively need to stop doing those things. Instead, we need to get serious about what it's really like to work at our organizations, and use that intelligence to design better workplaces. Our Workplace Genome Report will help you do that.

The report also gives you a Net Employer Promoter Score and breaks down your data across multiple segments, including generationally. An optional analysis focusing specifically on Millennial alignment is available.

2. Map Existing Data

We completely sympathize with the issue of survey fatigue, so if you've already done extensive data gathering with your employees, we can spare them the effort of taking our survey by mapping your data into our model. We can't predict how complete the mapping will be until we see your data, but there is usually enough to get moving forward without subjecting your workforce to yet another survey.

How Do I Use It?

Authentic and Accurate Culture Code

Authentic and Accurate Culture Code

Branding & Recruitment

Branding & Recruitment

Culture<br />Alignment


Where Do I Start?

Contact us to get started. We will run your employees through the survey and provide you with a multi-layered set of reports and feedback on the data to help you make sense of them and apply them appropriately in your context. In a matter of weeks you can be looking at your top-line results. 

We are also developing a self-service option through our partner, QuestionPro (coming soon). With this option, you will be able to administer the Genome survey with your employees and get a high level report instantly. 

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