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Easily administered digital workplace culture survey for up to 10 people; quick access (in as few as 10 days) to your cloud-based workplace culture data, reporting, and analytics tools; 30 day access.


Workplace Genome® Culture Management Platform

For less than US$2/Employee Per Month (PEPM) | 12-Month Subscription*

WorkXO tailored communications and digital survey administration; quick access (within 24 hours of closing your survey) to your cloud-based culture analytics, findings, and tools - complete with your customized workforce demographics, comparisons, benchmarks, and your Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS); up to 5 user accounts; up to 4 interim pulse surveys; customized Activation Report with your distinct culture priorities; 1 live team briefing; user-orientation to the platform and our proven system, resources and support for activating culture in a tangible way (including our team collaboration software); monthly facilitated review and planning meetings with a WorkXO Culture Expert to monitor progress and to adjust the plan for further success.

10 - 999 Employees = $6,000 + $5.00 Per Employee Per Year (PEPY)
1,000+ Employees = Request a Demo and Learn More
*PEPM cost represents an average of all pricing tiers. If you are an accredited Charitable Giving organization, please ask about our special rates. Rate structures are based primarily on the US Market and are subject to adjustment in ex-US markets.