Case Study - Tangible Results from Intentional Culture Management

Workplace culture management can mean lots of different things. That's actually by design. Managing culture isn't always about working on culture. It can also be about using culture itself to work on other things that are really important to the business. Organizations that use our platform first take the time to measure their culture (15 minute digital employee survey); then they use our platform to analyze and understand it; and then they use that understanding to create and implement actionable plans for their business. That can be about branding, recruiting, organizational development, or change management. It can be about a particular business transaction - like a merger or an acquisition. Or it can just be about ongoing growth and evolution. 

In each case, and whatever it is our clients are working on, we help them track their progress in real and tangible ways. We of course have lots of stories we can share, but we took some time to put one to paper with a little bit more color and context.

This Culture Case Study is a great way to see how leading edge organizations are using a deeper understanding of their culture to drive success in their business, through their workforce, and in their workplaces. 

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