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In their keynotes, conference sessions and webinars, Jamie and Charlie both receive consistently high marks for the way they connect to audience issues in a real and personal way, and then elevate the conversation with insight from their cutting edge research and real-world consulting experience. Your audience will walk away with strategies they can immediately put into action to create stronger organizations.

Jamie Notter

Jamie delivers keynote presentations about the power of strong organizational cultures and the key trends that are shaping the future of business, today. 

He has engaged audiences around the world with the findings and insights from the research and thought leadership that generated two popular business books, Humanize and When Millennials Take Over. Along with Charlie, Jamie is now also educating audiences about the powerful results emerging from the Workplace Genome™ Project. See more at jamienotter.com.

Popular Keynote Topics

The Power of Millennial Alignment

It's time we change the conversation around Millennials—from one of complaining to one of curiosity and learning—because when we do, we uncover the tremendous power that exists when we align our organizations with where the Millennial generation is already heading. In this session, Jamie explores research and insights from his latest book (When Millennials Take Over) that illustrate the more important role Millennials play as decoders of the key changes that are happening in the business world today. Citing case studies from organizations that have cracked the code on both performance and employee engagement, Jamie will explore the four key capacities organizations need to succeed in this new normal and how to build them inside your organization, attracting Millennials as both employees and customers along the way.

How Your Company's Genetic Code Can Unlock Better Results

Culture is becoming an increasingly important driver of competitive advantage for organizations, yet leaders struggle when it comes to improving culture and making it stronger. They put their core values on the wall, and perhaps run some engagement surveys, but they fail to move the needle. What's missing is a deeper understanding of the true dynamics that make your culture tick. In this session, Jamie explores the powerful results emerging from the Workplace Genome™ project, where organizations start by deepening their understanding of what it's REALLY like to work there, measured by 8 key dynamics. Jamie will share practical advice on how participants in the project have been able to use that deeper knowledge to make concrete internal changes that have improved performance and made them an employer of choice.

Charlie Judy

Charlie spent two decades as an HR executive with highly prominent and successful organizations with as many as 220,000 employees globally.

This extensive experience in-the-trenches makes his interaction with the Human Resources, Recruiting, and Talent Management audiences terribly relevant. His topics help leaders foster an environment where their employees (and their authentic selves) become the fuel that drives businesses to flourish as if they were communities, not institutions. His content reflects his fundamental belief that the future of work is not about better HR systems, technologies, programs, practices, or any one “best practice.” Rather, it's about simplifying Human Resources and finding ways to re-humanize work. 

Sample Topics

Charlie has conducted and can create engaging sessions as a speaker and facilitator in any number of settings: webinars, break-outs, facilitated meetings, and keynotes. Sessions will be tailored to the audience and their unique objectives, but will generally spring from the following topics (each can be expounded).

  • Simplifying Human Resources
  • Cultural Intelligence, Not Workforce Analytics
  • Retention is an Outcome, Not a Program
  • Naturalizing Performance Management
  • The Next Big Thing in HR isn’t Big
  • Get Out of the Way and Let Your Employees Lead
  • Transparency & Authenticity, the New Workplace Differentiator
  • The Workplace of One: Engagement Through Customization
  • Measuring Employee Engagement, the Veritable Tail-Chasing Exercise
  • Employment is Just a Commodity, Unless You Make it an Experience

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